Lyft is hiring drivers like you nationally!

All US states 02-18-2021

Lyft is hiring drivers like you nationally!

Lyft All US states 02-18-2021


All US states


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Join Lyft as a driver to have complete control over your schedule, earning potential and work environment - not something most companies can boast.

If 9 to 5 hours won’t work for you, Lyft gives drivers the flexibility to choose what does.

Since passengers are always in need of a way to get from A to Z, drivers are always in demand.

Wondering how it works? Simply open the Lyft app as a driver and accept a ride request from nearby. Pick up your passenger, follow directions to the destination and drop him off. Passengers are required to have a valid method of payment before using Lyft, and you will see your rider and destination before you accept the ride.

Drivers earn money on a per minute and per mile basis, which increases during peak driving times. Receive compensation weekly, or cash out right away.

Drive your own car, in your own clothes, listening to your own music. Don’t have a car? Rent one from us!

When you’ve decided your day is done, sign off the app until you’re ready for your next ride. You can drive for as long or as little as you like.

Mínimum requirements

Must have a driver's license Must be at least 21 years old Must own an Android phone or iPhone If using your own vehicle, it must comply with Lyft guidelines

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