- I found a job. Can I continue with JobsInOneHour or should I unsubscribe?
Congratulations on your new job! Feel free to continue with JobsInOneHour
If you’d like, you can disable job alerts. You can always enable them should you want to continue your professional development. Manage these preferences in Notifications & Privacy under "Account Settings". Remember to keep your resume updated with your latest job!.

- If I decide to unsubscribe, can I re-register?
Of course! And we will be happy to have you back! However, if you want to avoid creating a new account, and would like to have the option to continue receiving news or course offerings from JobsInOneHour, we’d recommend that you keep your profile. Manage email preferences and alerts from Notifications & Privacy in Account Settings.

- How can I delete my account from JobsInOneHour?
You can delete your account in "Notifications & Privacy in your Account Settings". If you’d like to keep your account, but simply stop receiving job alerts, newsletters or commercial offers, you can modify your preferences by adjusting the "Frequency of Alerts" in Account Settings – Notifications & Privacy.