Organize Your Job Search For Faster Results & Less Stress

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How to organize your job search to get hired faster and minimize stress

The prospect of searching for a new job whether currently employed or not can be intimidating. We offer some tips that should make the process less overwhelming and more efficient. Translation? Less stress and faster results. There is no silver bullet, but you can certainly improve your chances.

Follow a Schedule

Before diving straight into the search, make a schedule in which you reserve time to look. You want to avoid cursory glances and rather dedicate a fixed amount of time to your search. This applies to those who are employed but looking for something new, and those who are unemployed. Create a schedule that works well for your lifestyle and stick to it. Block out all distractions including calls and texts as well as any social media (unless job-related) or TV. Make the most of the time you have to search – you will get faster results


Create a solid resume and cover letter and proofread it – twice! Even better? Ask someone else to review it for you. You don’t want to lose a job to typos or unclear language. These materials will be the building blocks for almost all jobs to which you apply. You will need to slightly modify them to make sure they are relevant to each new prospective job, but once you write them, slight modifications will be easy. Having these on hand and ready to go will become highly important once you start applying.


Keep track of your activity – perhaps in a spreadsheet or a new notebook. Write down where you’ve applied and when, as well as all activity associated to each application. For example, have you had any correspondence with your potential employer? Have you had an interview and remembered to write a thank you note? Make notes you can easily reference.

Search Efficiently

What does this mean? Make the most of your search engines – upload your resume, sign up for alerts and check regularly. Once a new job has been posted, you want to apply quickly, which will be simple since you have a cover letter and resume at the ready! If you have a little flexibility and time to find job, narrow your search. Only apply to those jobs that truly match your interests and skills. If getting a job is more urgent, then feel free to broaden your search, and perhaps pay special attention to companies or job listings that are hiring more than one person for the position (e.g. cashiers, chefs, caretakers, etc.)

Clean Up

Do your social media platforms contain any inappropriate material? We all immediately consider photos but what about the language you use or the articles you post? If you notice anything that you might not want your potential employer to see, it is time to either make your accounts private or start deleting. It has become the norm for employers to scan your various profiles before investing in you. Make sure you present your best self.

Stay Motivated

This one may be as important as it is difficult. Just remember that finding a job takes time and energy. Rejection is part of the process. Try to learn as much as you can from your mistakes. Though you may not always get a straightforward answer, you can politely ask why you were not the best candidate for the job and what you might improve for future interviews. It’s important to maintain a positive attitude for your next endeavor.

Following these steps can only help you, so be patient and keep going! Visit JobsInOneHour for more tips & tricks.

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