What Really Happens When You Lose Sleep

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What really happens to your body without sleep?

We know it is important to make sleep a priority, but with busy lives, it can be difficult; however, it should be number one on your list if you want to live a healthy life and perform well in your job. Why? Take a look at what actually happens to your body when you do not sleep well.

1. Short & Long Term Health Problems

Sleep Health

Without sleep, immune defenses go down which can lead to short terms health concerns like the common cold and flu; however, we become more vulnerable to longer term more serious issues like diabetes and cancer when we lose sleep.

2. Brain Function Worsens

Sleep Brain

Tasks to which we do not pay much attention become harder and more complicated if we are not well rested. Problem solving and reasoning are more difficult and our thinking can become cloudy. When you rest, your brain rests and fortifies, too.

3. Diminished Memory

Sleep Memory

Some of us have trouble remembering even with proper rest, so imagine what happens with less sleep. Sleep plays a large role in how our memories perform. Without it, just as other brain functions drop, memory suffers.

4. Accident Prone

Sleep Accidents

It shouldn’t be a surprise given numbers two and three, but when we’re tired, we are much more prone to accidents. The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety found that driving while tired is comparable to driving while under the influence, and that tired drivers are responsible for 17% of fatal car accidents.

5. Weight Gain

Sleep Weight

Lost sleep could result in weight gain for several reasons. When we miss out on sleep, our cortisol levels are higher which increases our appetites and cravings for sugar and starch. Likewise, our metabolism slows. We digest and process energy slower which carves the way for sugar to remain in our blood streams for longer.

6. Stress & Mood

Sleep Mood

It probably goes without saying but lack of sleep can severely affect our mood and stress levels, which of course affects our relationships with others. Ever wonder why everything seems to bother you or why you suddenly feel so susceptible to your emotions? Consider how much sleep you have gotten in the past few days, or even day.

The more sleep we lose, the worse these conditions become. Losing sleep for consecutive days can be quite dangerous apart from how well or poorly you perform at work, and should be considered a priority. Check out these tips from the Cleveland Clinic to get a better night of sleep!

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