The Best Times of the Year to Apply for Jobs & Get Hired

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We breakdown the best and worst months of the year to apply for jobs

Turns out the time of year when applying for a job can influence the chances of success. Hiring is fairly seasonal and therefore follows certain patterns of which job seekers can and should take advantage. Exceptions to the rules do exist, so it always helps to conduct a little extra research in your particular field.

January February

January and February are excellent months in which to apply for jobs. Companies typically finalize new annual hiring budgets in January which means they have prioritized hiring and can afford to staff up. January and February are also favorable because more people intending to quit usually do so after having waited to receive annual bonuses – often paid in December. Finally, companies can make hiring decisions faster at the start of the year since most employees are present and available to participate in the interview process.

March April May

Some of the hiring surge from January and February can trickle into March and April but May is a key month. Summer is right around the corner and creates a sense of urgency to hire before the month ends. Hiring managers know the pace usually slows in summer and employees take advantage of the weather to plan vacations, making it more difficult to collaborate on hiring decisions. Additionally, attention often shifts from hiring to other projects like business development or product releases.

June July August

The job search gets more difficult during the summer, especially in July and August, because many positions have already been filled in the first half of the year. The vacation time that often accompanies summer months coupled with the slower pace of the season causes hiring to decrease. Initiatives that require new personnel are usually postponed.

September October November

Hiring begins to pick up again in the fall. Vacation has ended, kids go back to school and the temperature cools. Everyone gets busy completing unfinished projects due before the year ends. November is the May of winter. With holidays approaching rapidly, there is a rush to fill any open spots by the end of the month.


December may be the toughest month in which to get a job unless you are looking for something seasonal, which can be a great temporary option. Larger expenditures like hiring for full time roles can freeze as a result of increasingly tightening budgets toward the end of the fiscal year. We also lose almost half of December to holidays which decreases time spent on hiring,

Bottom Line

Best Months: January, February, May, October & November

Worst Months: August, December

Keep in mind that these trends may change depending on industry or company and it is sometimes impossible to structure the search around certain months of the year when we need a job right now. Simply allow this to serve as a guide for the process and perhaps an explanation if you have been applying with little success.

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